About Us

A dedicated team of professionals who care and so much willing to ride on this boat together with you, support you and ensure you succeed in the upcoming exam.

Our primary objective: Guide you to pass.

At SMARTME, we believe you are smart, hence smartme i.e, when you say it, its smart YOU. You just need a little guidance, a bit of encouragement from one who sincerely cares and zoooom!! off you fly.

And yes, caring is our business.

Our Team’s Spirit

Focused We have one single goal, that, ensure every student we encounter passes excellently.

Dedicated We work tirelessly, day and night, to ensure our primary object is reached.

Committed  We are here and will leave no stone upturned; We research deep so as to simplify all contents for you, while covering exam topics comprehensively.

Passionate Our passion is what drives us, we love what we do, you better love what you do.

Cares No one cares more than we do. Its our responsibility to guide you until you make it.

We are here to care for:

Grades 10 / 11 /12 Students  Preparing for their Grade 12 Exams

Grades 8/9 Students Preparing for their Grade 9 Exams

Grades 6/7 Students Preparing for their Grade 7 Exams

GSE Students  Preparing for their GSE Exams